The content assistant, XML outliner and the model view are all designed to make XML editing faster and easier.

  • Intelligent XML Editing.

    The context sensitive content assistant is changing the way you edit documents, helping you create valid content all the time.

  • XML Outliner.

    oXygen comes along with a powerful outliner which is automatically synchronized with the document changes.

  • Model View.

    The model view presents a quick view of the definition and annotation of the edited element or attribute.

  • XInclude support.

    oXygen supports XInclude which is a standard for building up XML documents from smaller pieces, being a replacement for the external entities.

  • XML Validation and Well-Formedness Check.

    The XML validation can be done by checking the documents against a schema. oXygen supports: XML Schema, DTD, Schematron and Relax NG schemas.

  • XML Formating and Indentation..

    An useful utility is the XML document formatter.

  • Unicode and Internationalization.

    oXygen supports a large number of text encodings. Unicode is fully supported.

  • XML Diff and Merge Tool.

    A complete diff and merge solution is available in oXygen. It offers both directory and file comparison, six different diff algorithms and multiple levels of comparison.

  • XML Digital Signature and XML Canonicalization.

    The digital signature is a requirement when exchanging information in an untrusted network. Since XML is used for content storage it is important to be able to sign the XML files or messages.

  • Tree Editor.

    XML documents can be viewed/edited in a graphical tree. The tree editor is handy for large size documents.

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