You're looking for an XML editor adaptable to your language ? Jaxe is the solution. The 2.1 version includes the following features:

  • configurable with an XML schema and a file describing the menus to insert the elements
  • adapted to structured narrative XML documents
  • validation at elements insertion
  • multi-platform (Java 1.3+)
  • free open-source software
  • possible addition of Java modules to add customised graphical interfaces
  • HTML preview with an XSLT stylesheet
  • panel with a tree view
  • panel with allowed elements
  • panel with the current element attributes
  • contextual menu
  • multiple undo/redo
  • source code display
  • complete validation using Xerces
  • configuration file examples for XHTML strict, simplified Docbook, and a schema for online courses
  • French, English and German localisations (the system language is used by default)
  • spell checking with English, French and German dictionaries
  • equation editor
  • online help based on the XML schema
  • XPath search

Licence: GPL