BEA offers products and services that enable enterprises to achieve faster time-to-value for critical business applications using open standards, web services and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The BEA WebLogic Platform—which includes BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Portal, BEA WebLogic Integration, BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA JRockit—is the leading application platform suite for developers service-enabling their applications.

BEA WebLogic Server

The most powerful, reliable release of the world's leading J2EE application server is the ideal foundation for building SOAs. BEA WebLogic Server is compliant with J2EE specs and further extends the latest standards to deliver unparalleled quality-of-service across the enterprise.

BEA WebLogic Portal

BEA WebLogic Portal simplifies the production and management of custom-fit portals, allowing you to leverage a shared services environment to roll out changes with minimal complexity and effort.

BEA WebLogic Integration

BEA WebLogic Integration delivers the ability to converge two otherwise disparate activities-application integration and application development-into one unified business integration solution.

BEA WebLogic Workshop

BEA WebLogic Workshop dramatically reduces the complexity of migrating to SOA, while reducing the overall lifetime costs of your IT infrastructure.


Using BEA JRockit Java Development Kit (JDK), Java developers are able to deploy applications more quickly and efficiently into production, achieving optimal performance through minimal configuration.

Licence: Proprietary