Serfler is a simple but powerful HTTP server, written entirely in Java, whose operation is based almost entirely upon servlets.

Currently it implements the HTTP 1.0 protocol, and portions of the HTTP 1.1 protocol, and it is intended to be fully HTTP/1.1 compliant very soon.

It was written initially as a demonstration of client/server programming for HTTP, and has turned out to be very useful in real life.

  • It supports property settings for the server both from properties files, and from the startup command line.
  • It supports loading of servlets both from properties files, and dynamically from a browser (soon only for those with proper authorization!).
  • It provides full support for forms, and cookies.
  • It provides customizable icons for directory listings, and will soon allow the type of listing to be customizable via a cookie for each browser.
  • There is a simple facility for dynamically producing HTML pages as output.

Currently Serfler is distributed under the terms of the Gnu Public License. The intent is that anyone who finds it useful at this point may use it. The author would like to be credited for his ideas (good or bad), would like feedback from anyone who uses or abuses it, and can make no guarantees regarding reliability, performance, or anything else.

Licence: GPL