vqServer has the following features:

  • Free. But please register!
  • Enables hosting of web sites on any personal computer (Windows,
  • Macintosh, Linux or Solaris) which supports Java applications.
  • Suitable for running an individual's personal web site or the web site or intranet for a small company as well as for larger applications.
  • Designed for ease of use. Comes with step-by-step instructions and a sample web site to get you started.
  • Password protection of files and directories.
  • Custom registration forms can be used to require visitors to your web site to register for access to files and services.
  • Surfer-friendly custom login pages can be used to replace web browsers' standard login dialog boxes.
  • You can add a logout link or button to any page, closing an important security loophole!
  • Update your web site directly from many popular web page editors using the HTTP PUT method.
  • File uploading using HTML forms.
  • Remote server and web site administration using the web browser based, easy-to-use control centre.
  • Extensible using Java servlets and CGI scripts (sample servlets are included).
  • Roaming access server capability for Netscape Navigator users.
  • Developers' toolkit and API and customisation toolkit available.

URL: http://www.vqsoft.com/vq/server/index.html
Licence: Proprietary