The OpenPortal is a framework, build to personalise sites helping us to select the relevant information. The basic idea is to allow a user to select a number of portlets to be shown on his/her personal page. A portlet can be a normal webpage, maybe of dynamic nature for example the users pop3/smtp mailbox or a news (nntp) reader. The portlet is a Java ServerPage or a Servlet and it is meant to be the entré to the rest of the application behind it.

The portal is constructed using Enterprise JavaBeans, Java ServerPages and Servlets, so the framework is extremely portable between EJB/JSP application server platforms. All source has been released under General Public License and we encurage the community to participate in enhancing the framework. The idea of building portlets, and letting the user pick and choose what is relevant is key to any portal, so why not contribute to a common framework since we all need the common functionality but its the portlets that makes the difference!

Licence: GPL