The Red Hat Web Application Framework is a platform for writing database-backed web applications in Java. Applications leverage Web Application Framework APIs to enable the authoring of persistent structured data and to retrieve and display the data as content. The framework also integrates services such as search, versioning, and permissions into its basic objects, enabling applications to leverage framework services with little or no extra work.

Web Application Framework domain layer models basic concepts such as users, groups, and permissions and has been proven and refined on hundreds of production deployments. A user interface (UI) framework, UI component library designed for the rapid development and reuse of web user interfaces, and a powerful object-relational persistence engine are also part of the framework.

This technology is the result of years of experience developing data-centric web applications for clients such as Siemens, Deutsche Post, The World Bank, Oracle, MIT, and WGBH. It is a one-stop platform for building applications with compelling UIs and feature-rich foundations.

Licence: Open Software License