Jahia is a mid-range Content Management and Corporate Portal Framework. It integrates in one single package a full web application platform suite with :

  • A full Enterprise Content Management System (Versioning, Staging, Locking; Workflow; Multilanguage support,...)
  • A lightweight Document Management (WebDAV support)
  • An integrated Corporate Portal Server (Portlets support)
  • Some pre-packaged collaborative and productivity based web applications
  • An integrated search engine (Apache Lucene with indexation of Office and PDF files)
  • Security and Single Sign-on based features (LDAP support)
  • Efficient web-based administration tools (Full web based Administration Center )
  • Fast Performance with a pre-integrated HTML cache proxy
  • Scalability and High Availability (Load Balancing support)
  • Common development tools and technologies (100% Java/J2EE based; support for standard servlets as portlets;...)

URL: http://www.jahia.org/
Licence: Proprietary