FTP Applet is a FTP client component that runs within your web browser. It is designed to let non-technical users exchange data with an FTP server. Using FTP Applet you can easily transfer multiple files and directories, delete files, rename files, create directories and so on all within your browser and without installing any software.

Feature Summary:

  • No software installation required - Eliminates the need to install and support FTP client software.
  • Cross platform - Written in Java 1.1 FTP Applet is capable of running within virtually any web browser equipped with a Java runtime including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
  • Firewall support - Default passive data transfer mode allows you to easily connect to any FTP server from behind a firewall.
  • Transfer mode support - Transfer files using either ASCII or Binary transfer mode.
  • Multiple file transfer - Powerful feature allows you to upload entire directories with ease.
  • Multilingual support - Customize the text elements used in FTP Applet to match your locale.
  • Look and feel support - Customize the look and feel of FTP Applet to match your web site palette.
  • Permissions support - Limit what your FTP users can see and do.
  • Transfer status monitor - Progress dialog monitors the status of file transfers allowing you to cancel a transfer at anytime.
  • Lost connection detection - Automatically detects lost connections due to network time-out offering you the ability to reconnect.
  • No plug-ins required - Written in Java 1.1 FTP Applet runs without any plug-in required when using Microsoft Internet Explorer for both Mac and Windows platforms. Netscape Navigator requires installation of Java Plug-In 1.3 or above.
  • Digitally signed - The FTP Applet is digitally signed using a code signing certificate issued by Thawte, a trusted certificate authority.
  • Small footprint - The footprint of FTP Applet is very lightweight (~100K) offering very quick downloads.

URL: http://www.jscape.com/ftpapplet/
Licence: Proprietary