FtpGoServer is a simple, fast and very small (10K) Java FTP server that can be used on your PC, Mac or Linux machine to allow remote FTP access to a selected part of a computer's file system. Features include:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • One click startup with no configuring required
  • Read only or read/write with anonymous access or based on passwords.
  • Constant metering of total downloads and uploads in Megabytes
  • Exposure of only a user designated portion of the file system
  • Platform independent Java code
  • No restrictions on number of simultaneous users
  • Perfect for remote access through Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or other browsers
  • Warning at start up if no password is set for write access.
  • 10K runtime file

URL: http://www.cellspark.com/ftpserver.html
License: Proprietary