The JTopas project provides a small, easy-to-use Java library for the common problem of parsing arbitrary text data. These data can come from a simple configuration file with a few comments, a HTML, XML or RTF stream, source code of various programming languages etc. Sometimes a text has to be parsed completely, sometimes only parts of it are important.

While some programmers solve parsing problems by extensive use of basic methods like the C library functions strtok, strchr or the Java String class methods indexOf, substring etc. combined with lots of loops, if and switch-Statements, others may choose basic tokenizers like the Java classes StringTokenizer or StreamTokenizer. In the case of complex syntaxes like document or programming languages, parser generators like lex and yacc, JavaCC or the Java Treebuilder as well as existing parsers for a specific language are a common choice.

With JTopas, a common solution for a wide range of parsing tasks is available. The tedious work of debugging a parser modul written from scratch, is obsolete or at least significantly shortened. And for relatively simple problems, the use of parser generators is not nessecary.

Licence: LGPL