Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC) is the most popular parser generator for use with Java [tm] applications. A parser generator is a tool that reads a grammar specification and converts it to a Java program that can recognize matches to the grammar. In addition to the parser generator itself, JavaCC provides other standard capabilities related to parser generation such as tree building (via a tool called JJTree included with JavaCC), actions, debugging, etc.

JavaCC works with any Java VM version 1.2 or greater. It has been certified to be 100% Pure Java. JavaCC has been tested on countless different platforms without any special porting requirements. Given that we have seen JavaCC run on only around 5 or 6 platforms, we think this is a great testimonial to the "Write Once Run Anywhere" aspect of the Java programming language. We say this as engineers who have personally experienced the benefits of writing Java applications.

Licence: BSD License