SnowMail is a freeware and freesource mail client, written in Java. Actually, it fits my needs, I use SnowMail for sending my mails (text only) and downloading mail from all my POP accounts (freesurf, gmx, ...). The SPAM filter picks out a small quantity of ham mail hidden in a huge quantity of junk mail. The whole data, including the mails, the account settings and the addressbook is protected with a passphrase. I have no more fear of perfidious attachments and scripts. The internal HTML viewer just shows the important things. Viruses, scripts and activeX controls are just ignored.

SnowMail cannot read news, cannot dial a connection, cannot hang the line after completion, cannot be driven by scripts... SnowMail doesn't leave the mails on the server. SnowMail doesn't poll each five minutes to see if there are new messages. Traffic is only initiated when you press send or receive.

I don't need these features and therefore have not implement them.

Here is an overview of SnowMail features:

Licence: Public Domain

Parent Category: Java Applications