Drive quality and higher performance with Borland Optimizeit Enterprise Suite, a breakthrough solution for isolating and resolving performance hazards during J2EE application development.

Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to rapidly deliver applications that meet the strictest performance standards. To ensure that performance requirements are met, project teams must keep an eye on performance throughout the application lifecycle. Regardless of where performance problems are uncovered in the code, inevitably issues are sourced back to – and solved by – Java developers. Optimizeit Enterprise Suite delivers a breakthrough solution that empowers developers to swiftly isolate and resolve performance hazards during the development of J2EE applications. Developers can now track performance bottlenecks at the component level and drill down to the exact line of source code for root-cause precision and rectify issues early in development. Optimizeit Enterprise Suite equips J2EE developers with a comprehensive toolkit for optimizing performance and managing application quality throughout development.

Optimizeit Enterprise Suite consists of the following state-of-art tools:

  • Request Analyzer

    Optimizeit Request Analyzer provides advanced profiling techniques that allow developers to analyze the performance behavior of code across J2EE application tiers. Using Optimizeit Request Analyzer, developers can efficiently prioritize the performance of JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JSP, RMI, and EJB Web requests so that troublespots can be proactively isolated earlier in the development lifecycle. This is available exclusively as part of the suite and Borland Core SDP.

  • Profiler

    Isolate memory and CPU performance issues using the advanced capabilities of Optimizeit Profiler to save time and effort. Feature highlights include the Automatic Memory Leak Detector, Automatic Application Quality Analyzer, Progress Tracker, and more! This is available as part of the suite as well as a standalone tool.

  • Thread Debugger

    Easily solve challenging thread issues with Optimizeit Thread Debugger. View the status of all threads and monitors in real time. Avoid thread starvation and contentions that lead to crashes. Predict deadlocks before they occur. This is available exclusively as part of the suite and Borland Core SDP.

  • Code Coverage

    Borland Optimizeit Code Coverage gives developers the confidence that their code is ready to deploy when performance checks are run during development. This is available exclusively as part of the suite and Borland Core SDP.

Licence: Proprietary