JProfiler is an enterprise level all-in-one Java profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and resolve threading issues. If you have Java code and wish to OptimizeIt then Jprofiler is an essential tool.

Memory Views

Finally a memory profiler that truly does the job. JProfiler's heap walker technology allows a real drill down along object reference graphs towards problem spots you might never find with tree-like representations of the heap. With its unified system of views on the current object set and its hyperlinked navigation, JProfiler makes browsing the heap as easy as browsing the web!

CPU Views

JProfiler's CPU views show invocation trees and hotspot backtraces resolved for threads or thread groups. With its convenient system of filter sets, the displayed data can be optimally tailored for the task at hand. JProfilers CPU views are fully dynamic, a feature you won't find anywhere else. This unique inspection facility allows you to watch the invocations of your application in real time.

Thread Views

Thread problems like deadlocks and race conditions are the worst nightmares of a programmer, especially because it's often hard to tell where exactly the problem is located. JProfiler's thread views offer a thread monitor as well as a color-coded thread history where you can zoom in or out to your desired detail level! Get all this functionality included with JProfiler instead of buying a separate "thread debugger".

VM Telemetry Views

Get all the relevant cumulated information about your virtual machine in JProfiler's VM telemetry views. No more need to start this service manually after it's too late, JProfiler collects data from the very moment of your JVM's creation. Heap, objects, classes, garbage collector and threads up to the second, zoomable, scrollable, customizable!

Supported Systems

  • Supported platforms include Windows, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X. Click here for full list
  • Universal IDE support. Click here for full list.
  • Comprehensive J2EE support. Click here for full list.

Licence: Proprietary