While Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Standard Edition (SE) applications are extremely flexible and scalable, diagnosing and fixing performance and stability problems is complex. Development and production support teams spend countless hours responding to and isolating the root cause of performance and memory issues. Meanwhile, deadlines are missed, budgets are spent and end user experience is poor.

JProbe Profiler's tabbed dialog interface lets you switch quickly from view to view to instantly reveal performance bottlenecks. Tab between the visual Call Graph, Method List and Method Detail.

Quest's JProbe Suite provides a complete toolset to help Java developers, architects and performance engineers discover and fix the root cause of performance and memory issues in their Java applications. JProbe allows you to easily test your applications without any code changes and pinpoint the performance problem down to the line of code. Automation and reporting features save you valuable time by performing code analysis during overnight builds and sending out detailed reports to developers, whether they are in the same office or across the globe.

Used by thousands of companies across the world, JProbe integrates easily with your application server, Web server, IDE, JDK and operating system. With the widest platform support, including 32- and 64-bit support across every major operating system, and the ability to analyze an application running on your desktop or on a remote server, JProbe is the industry-leading choice for enterprise code profiling and analysis.

URL: http://www.quest.com/jprobe/
Licence: Proprietary