Jobfuscate allows software developers to obfuscate (protect) their Java class files. Otherwise, without protection, anyone could use a Java decompiler to effectively get back your Java source code!

We wrote Jobfuscate out of our frustration using other commercial Java obfuscators. We tried many products and not one worked for our Java code! Our protected programs would simply not run! That last thing we needed (and you as a software developer) is to track down bugs that are not yours, but a result of obfuscation.

The Problem: Java class files contain lots of symbolic information from your source code, including all variable names and method names that you used in your source code! This symbolic information allows Java decompilers to very effectively reconstruct your source code with the variable names you used. If you have not used a Java decompiler, get one and try it out and you will be amazed. Without obfuscation protection, you are giving away your source code when you ship Java class files.

The Solution: Remove all symbolic information that can be removed. Jobfuscate allows you to use fully descriptive variable names and method names in your Java code. It then renames your classes, variables and methods to meaningless names. No attempt is made to alter the Java byte code because that is where all other obfuscators cause bugs for you to track down.

Licence: Proprietary