A Java bytecode obfuscator changes Java bytecode to make the source code generated by reverse engineering much less useful to hackers and competitors. Since its release in 1997, the Zelix KlassMaster Java bytecode obfuscator has been continually developed to keep it at the forefront of obfuscation technology.

Advanced Java bytecode protection

In addition to its excellent first generation Name Obfuscation functionality, Zelix KlassMaster provides the added Java bytecode protection of its breakthru, second generation Flow Obfuscation technology and its unique String Encryption technology. It is Zelix KlassMaster's comprehensive Flow Obfuscation technology that made it the first, true second generation Java bytecode obfuscator. It is still unmatched.

Maximized Java bytecode size reduction

As well as protecting your Java bytecode from being decompiled to comprehensible source code, Zelix KlassMaster's Name Obfuscation functionality reduces your bytecode size by reducing the size of your package, class, field and method names. Zelix KlassMaster's Trim functionality further reduces your bytecode size by removing unused classes, fields and methods.

Powerful but easy to use

Zelix KlassMaster provides a number of interfaces. Its easy to use GUI interface eases the learning curve for new starters. However, it is the powerful yet intuitive ZKM Script language interface that allows you to automate the obfuscation process and integrate it into your build cycle. Zelix KlassMaster also provides a Build Tool Interface to allow you to execute ZKM Scripts from within a build tool such as Apache Ant.

Zelix KlassMaster's Smart Save tm technology makes the Java obfuscation process easier by simplifying the handling of JAR, resource and Enterprise Java Beans deployment descriptor files. Zelix KlassMaster's default name exclusions provide automatic support for Serialization, RMI & JavaBeans and support for J2ME & J2EE applications. Also, it supports Incremental Obfuscation by ensuring consistent renaming of objects and consistent flow obfuscation across your releases.

Finally, Zelix KlassMaster helps you debug your beta releases with its unique Line Number Scrambling technology. This technology allows you to determine real line numbers from stack traces reported by your beta test customers without reducing the level of your code protection. It can save your developers weeks of guess work. Zelix KlassMaster also provides the GUI Stack Trace Translate tool to make deciphering obfuscated stack traces effortless.

URL: http://www.zelix.com/klassmaster/
Licence: Proprietary