This Java tip illustrates a method of creating a List. The tip here describes various aspects of linked list such as adding an element in a list, retrieving an element and removing an element from the list.

 // Create a link list
    List list = new LinkedList(); // Doubly-linked list
    list = new ArrayList();       // List implemented as growable array
    // Append an element to the list
    // Insert an element at the head (0) of the list
    list.add(0, "b");
    // Get the number of elements in the list
    int size = list.size();          // 2
    // Retrieving the element at the end of the list
    Object element = list.get(list.size()-1);   // a
    // Retrieving the element at the head of the list
    element = list.get(0);                      // b
    // Deleting occurrance of the first element of the link list
    boolean b = list.remove("b");      // true
    b = list.remove("b");              // false
    // Remove the element at a particular index
    element = list.remove(0);          // a