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Is it possible to split editor and edit one file in two editor windows? 5288
Can I use back references when using regular expressions in the Find/Replace dialog? 5622
Scrolling in editor under Linux is slow. Is there any possibility to make it faster? 5071
Can I view the package structure of my project as a tree? 5086
How Can I Quickly Navigate to Methods and Fields? 3312
How do I define a shortcut for an Ant target? 3819
Is there support for the Java Remote Method Invocation API (RMI)? 4023
Can I pass parameters into an Ant Script? 9732
I am developing a Netbeans module. What performance criteria should it satisfy? 3500
What can I do if NetBeans runs out of file descriptors? 3608
I get an OutOfMemoryError while building a project having more than 6000 source files. What do I do? 3732
What can I do if Netbeans IDE runs out of memory (OutOfMemoryError is thrown)? 10060
Can I eliminate pauses caused by garbage collection? 5605
Can I disable Netbeans modules to speed up startup? 11480
Can I have my files on network drives? 4786
My NetBeans IDE is slow. What can I do? 13611
The default font size used in menus, dialogs, views, etc. is too small. Can I make it bigger? 11868
Can I run NetBeans with a custom look and feel? 13676
Can I run NetBeans using JRE? 7922
How do I make my custom startup parameters permanent? 9201
What are the NetBeans startup parameters? 7134
Can I run multiple IDE instances simultaneously? 4836
Can I run NetBeans with an alternate userdir? 7994
What is userdir and where can I find it? 4811
What is the admin username/password of the built-in Tomcat? 4409
I do have JDK installed correctly. How can I make the installer use it? 7301
NetBeans installer fails with -Suitable JVM cannot be found- message. Why? 9300
I am generating code that references a class. How can I generate an import statement for it? 3156
I want to check for newlines, comments, etc. around a source element. How can I get the text? 3714
How can I insert whitespace or other non-code text into the source? 5322
Why am I getting InvalidObjectExceptions? 3460
What is the transaction lock and when should I use it? 5832
I have a FileObject. How do I get a Resource/JavaClass for that? 3454
How do I get a JavaClass from a Resource? 3427
What is a ClassDefinition 3378
What is a JavaClass 3316
What is a Resource 8741
How do I get the element under the caret? 3621
How can I programmatically add a method to a java source? 7781
JavaModel...MDR...Metamodel...RefObjects...MultipartIds...what is all this stuff? 5265
Why does TopComponent have a getLookup() method? What is it for? 5185
My TopComponent always opens in the editor area, but I want it to open in the same place as XYZ 4449
What are the various window system file formats like .wstcref and how do I use them 3662
How does the declarative XML API for the window system work 4028
Can I just open up my own frames and dialogs 5307
I want to show my own component(s) in the main window - where do I start? 4846
How do I use Matisse/GroupLayout in my window system components 5779
What is a TopComponent in the Window System 5763
What is a Mode in the Windowing System 9038
What is the Window System 4640
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