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Item Title Hits
How to use Emacs key bindings in NetBeans 24844
How to use mouse to scroll through the tabs in NetBeans Editor 11133
How to use the Diff API in NetBeans 17115
I added a SystemOption via layer, but changes are not persisted...? 4287
I am developing a Netbeans module. What performance criteria should it satisfy? 3667
I am generating code that references a class. How can I generate an import statement for it? 3242
I do have JDK installed correctly. How can I make the installer use it? 7497
I get an OutOfMemoryError while building a project having more than 6000 source files. What do I do? 3805
I have a .instance file. How do I get an actual object instance 3295
I have a FileObject. How do I get a Resource/JavaClass for that? 3545
I have a folder full of .instance files. How do I get any/all of the object instances 3348
I have written a module for NetBeans. Can I contribute it to the NetBeans project? 6116
I need to customize the content of my Node/Project/Whatever's Lookup. How do I do it? 3207
I need to package some third party libraries with my module. How do I do that? 3892
I need to write some code that tracks the global selection. What should I do? 3599
I want my action to appear between to existing items/in a specific place in the menu. Can I do that? 3456
I want to check for newlines, comments, etc. around a source element. How can I get the text? 3797
I want to make some programmatic changes to the edited file. How can I do it so one Undo undoes it? 3243
I want to show my own component(s) in the main window - where do I start? 5005
I'm having trouble implementing this filesystem.... 5874
If there is more than one of a type in a Lookup, which instance will I get 3706
Improved Toolbar Support in NetBeans IDE 5.0 5157
Increasing Font Size 32878
Is it possible to split editor and edit one file in two editor windows? 5399
Is there a standard way to provide user documentation for my module 3290
Is there a way to restore the default palette? 8807
Is there any way to open my class file directly in IDE 17574
Is there support for the Java Remote Method Invocation API (RMI)? 4130
JavaModel...MDR...Metamodel...RefObjects...MultipartIds...what is all this stuff? 5425
Log4j Messaging in NetBeans IDE 47544
Macros in Editor 4752
My module uses some class from NetBeans' APIs. It compiles, but I get a NoClassDefFoundError? 5536
My module uses some libraries. I've tried setting CLASS_PATH but it doesn't work. Help! 3973
My NetBeans IDE is slow. What can I do? 14032
My TopComponent always opens in the editor area, but I want it to open in the same place as XYZ 4572
NetBeans installer fails with -Suitable JVM cannot be found- message. Why? 9436
NetBeans is released under the Sun Public License. What is it and why was it chosen? 8137
No gridlines in Matisse! Still you can place the component 11747
On the fly deployment under Netbeans 19975
Quickly Navigate through the NetBeans Editor 12263
Quickly Unclutter the NetBeans IDE Source Editor 10545
Saving Column Attributes of a TreeTableView 6821
Scrolling in editor under Linux is slow. Is there any possibility to make it faster? 5313
Setting Runtime and JVM Arguments per Class 31419
Setting Target JDK 6756
SQL Editor in NetBeans 33963
Structural selection in Netbeans Java editor 4797
Sun Public License (SPL) in a Nutshell 5596
The default font size used in menus, dialogs, views, etc. is too small. Can I make it bigger? 12148
Toolbar Customization 12373
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