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How can a MIDlet put itself into the paused state when it is active 8294
How can a MIDlet terminate itself 9213
What is the MIDlet lifecycle 12036
What is a MIDlet Suite 26662
What is a MIDlet 17939
How can I reduce the memory footprint of my J2ME application 29501
Are J2SE and J2ME JVMs bytecode compatible 13245
What are optional packages in J2ME 8740
What is the K Virtual Machine 9090
Is MIDP a layer on top of CLDC 10610
What are the Foundation, Basis, and Personal profiles 6618
What is new in MIDP2.0 33746
What is MIDP 12505
What is a profile in J2ME 15003
What are CDC and CLDC 21942
What is a configuration in J2ME 10604
What are the main differences between programming for a J2ME JVM, and programming for a J2SE JVM 16786
How to get friendly name of remote bluetooth devices 30651
How to get Bluetooth Address and Friendly Name of Local device 33364
How to create Events/Task/Reminder in mobile phone 30522
How to import Contact into phonebook 17965
How to find contacts from PhoneBook of mobile phone 25599
How to store/retrieve image in/from RMS 47082
How to use getResourceAsStream to access JAR file 69841
How to implement a textbox in a mobile game 20859
How to generate performance parameter for your mobile application 8325
A utility of startTimer 28032
An example of MIDlet skeleton 30196
How to count the number of instances of MIDlets 13138
Displaying Image from Servlet on J2ME device 49980
How to make phone vibrate in J2ME 40265
How to terminate a thread by signalling 21763
How to use ChoiceGroup in J2ME 68698
How to get a random integer value in midlets at runtime 34293
Sending Email from J2ME devices 47716
Recieving Email on J2ME devices 28023
How to ping Network Connection on J2ME device 33911
How to create Ticker on J2ME devices 20417
Demonstration of ChoiceGroup GUI Component 24854
Displaying images as thumbnails on J2ME devices 33083
Capturing Video on J2ME devices 70460
Implementing webservices from J2ME devices 16945
Location Based Services on J2ME devices 28998
J2ME PushRegistry 30290
Protection Domains for Midlet Suites 15564
Reading/Modifying Native database of mobile device 10986
How to write your First MIDP game 25666
Simple Animation using Timer 29659
Displaying images on mobile device 27794
Record Management System for storing/retrieving data on mobile 20258
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