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Item Title Hits
How to create a simple ClipBoard in your Midlet 12589
How to create a Todo Management MIDlet 17893
How to create an exclusive ChoiceGroup 16463
How to create an online Help Form 8874
How to create Events/Task/Reminder in mobile phone 31531
How to create implicit List 16312
How to create multiple ChoiceGroup 14745
How to create Ticker on J2ME devices 20768
How to decide whether or not a device support JSR-75 15709
How to display an animated timer in MIDP 25242
How to display Calendar in mobile device 18599
How to download an image from a web server 86105
How to download and view a PNG file 39516
How to draw Arc on a Canvas 27134
How to draw filled Arc on a Canvas 12538
How to draw Filled Rectangle on a Canvas 24135
How to draw immutable image on a canvas 11908
How to draw mutable image on a canvas 16613
How to draw Rectangle on a Canvas 33070
How to draw Text on a Canvas 36773
How to enumerate mixed records in RMS 12766
How to enumerate simple records in RMS 16970
How to fetch an HTML page 39484
How to find contacts from PhoneBook of mobile phone 26122
How to generate performance parameter for your mobile application 8465
How to get a random integer value in midlets at runtime 34945
How to get Bluetooth Address and Friendly Name of Local device 33885
How to get friendly name of remote bluetooth devices 31344
How to get list of supported media content types and their protocols 11707
How to get memory status of mobile handset 17426
How to get the size of mobile screen 29171
How to handle keys from the keypad of your mobile device 12881
How to hide text in a TextField 16423
How to implement a modal Alert 14103
How to implement a sprite class in J2ME 32597
How to implement a textbox in a mobile game 21113
How to implement a ticker in a mobile 11062
How to implement background processing in your Midlet 17505
How to implement BitMapFont in your mobile application 14629
How to implement Gauge UI component 17172
How to implement networking on mobile devices 17681
How to implement one command for more than one application screen 15675
How to implement Zoom in and Zoom out 81104
How to import Contact into phonebook 18216
How to improve efficiency of your application 18243
How to install a J2ME aplication on a mobile device 42424
How to load an immutable image from a byte array and draw on a Form 19101
How to load an immutable image from file and draw on a Form 14594
How to make phone vibrate in J2ME 40890
How to manipulate a data buffer 16458
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