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Item Title Hits
How to implement networking on mobile devices 17595
How to play sound on mobile phone 43203
Displaying an Alert on mobile screen 24506
How to install a J2ME aplication on a mobile device 42183
How to control volume of the mobile device 27887
How to implement Zoom in and Zoom out 80551
How to send binary SMS message on mobile device 50066
How to add a command to a Displayable component 19068
How to print values of Midlet application properties 12931
How to retrieve system properties in a Midlet 24761
How to implement Gauge UI component 17118
How to get memory status of mobile handset 17295
Sending data to Servlet and getting the response 109077
How to handle keys from the keypad of your mobile device 12833
How to work with Canvas in mobile application 18364
How to use RGB profile on your mobile 10526
A method of using differnet fonts in Java ME 46903
How to implement BitMapFont in your mobile application 14512
A Midlet application for GIF Animation 44646
How to read a resource from a JAR file 85825
An example of use of RMS for storing persistent data 53903
How to implement a ticker in a mobile 11018
Second method of using a tiled layer in mobile programming 8164
How to use mobile as a network server 15325
Simple demo of using timers 20524
Detecting collision with sprites in J2ME 35986
How to implement a sprite class in J2ME 32510
How to use a tiled layer in J2ME 28712
Sending e-mail from a mobile device 15240
How to display Calendar in mobile device 18497
How to read MIDLET attributes at runtime 12919
How to write a Basic MIDLET 48716
Connecting to databases like Mysql, SQL Server or Oracle on J2ME devices 83574
How to download an image from a web server 85673
Opening and reading a file on the mobile device 18502
How to get the size of mobile screen 29013
Launching a Midlet from another Midlet 25157
Finding multimedia content-type support of a mobile device 489635
Playing MP3 from your local file on J2ME devices 59768
Playing MP3 files from your server on J2ME devices 29796
Unable to find a package while compiling a program in the Sun Wireless Toolkit 8910
Reading and writing array data to persistent storage 39755
Encrypting/Decrypting text messages with Bouncy Castle Crypto API 78129
Sending and Recieving MMS on J2ME devices 43298
Where is J2ME API javadoc? 69653
Introducing XML parsing in J2ME devices 48921
How to Access Local File Systems from J2ME devices using FileConnection API 101006
Getting System Properties at Runtime 25341
Sending/Receiving SMS on J2ME device 106048
Playing video on J2ME devices 45842
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