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Item Title Hits
A Graphics MIDlet 57918
A method of using differnet fonts in Java ME 46820
A Midlet application for GIF Animation 44558
A MIDlet with Hello text and an Exit command 36726
A sample of graphics - commands and event handling 41950
A utility of startTimer 28226
A way to know when some changes are made in a list 25298
An example of MIDlet skeleton 31571
An example of use of RMS for storing persistent data 53804
Are J2SE and J2ME JVMs bytecode compatible 13392
Canvas for processing key code and commands 28368
Capturing Video on J2ME devices 70774
Changing screen size of the emulator 28383
Connecting to databases like Mysql, SQL Server or Oracle on J2ME devices 83416
Creating an Alert Dialog Box 123951
Creating an instance of the Form class 31299
Demonstration of ChoiceGroup GUI Component 25097
Detecting collision with sprites in J2ME 35913
Displaying an Alert on mobile screen 24436
Displaying Image from Servlet on J2ME device 50284
Displaying images as thumbnails on J2ME devices 33337
Displaying images on mobile device 28028
Encrypting/Decrypting text messages with Bouncy Castle Crypto API 77886
Example jad file 16710
Example Midlet to demonstrate Commands - Items and Event Processing 16424
Finding multimedia content-type support of a mobile device 489287
Getting Started with Java ME 31151
Getting System Properties at Runtime 25286
How can a MIDlet put itself into the paused state when it is active 8356
How can a MIDlet terminate itself 9364
How can I reduce the memory footprint of my J2ME application 29922
How does the MIDP user interface model compare to AWT 9367
How to Access Local File Systems from J2ME devices using FileConnection API 100841
How to add a command to a Displayable component 18995
How to add String to a form 39691
How to associate a CommandListener with a List 23461
How to capture Item events 11914
How to clip a region on a Canvas 20207
How to control volume of the mobile device 27841
How to count the number of instances of MIDlets 13313
How to create a CheckBox List 35180
How to create a ChoiceGroup with Images 16694
How to create a Form with items 36084
How to create a Gauge Tracker 16855
How to create a Https connection with a MIDlet 27842
How to create a List in MIDP 21973
How to create a Login Midlet 27831
How to create a Maze game in J2ME 54786
How to create a multiple choice List 29440
How to create a RadioButton List 18180
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