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Enterprise Java Beans
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Item Title Hits
Accessing a Secure Enterprise Bean From a Java Client or Through Java Web Start Technology 50642
Accessing an EJB from an applet 27991
Accessing EJB from a servlet within the same container 29881
Behavior of Timer Services in Transactions 16275
Choosing between HttpSession and Stateful session bean 28559
Common tips for Stateless Session Bean 16872
Comparing two EJB references for equality 11695
Developing Web Services Using EJB 3.0 98609
Difference between CMP Entity Bean and BMP Entity Bean 28142
Difference between ear jar and war files 94330
Document Handling in Web Services Applications 42037
ejbActivate and ejbPassivate methods in Stateless Session Bean 18641
Filtering messages for a message-driven EJB 60170
How to avoid memory leaks while calling Stateless Session Bean 16339
How to call Timer Service in different EJB components of a Stateless SessionBean 13261
How to Cancel Timer Service in different Scenarios 15660
How to control transaction from the client code 17504
How to create read-only entity bean 17439
How to decide when to use Entity Bean or Simple JDBC API 20150
How to gather information about Timers 15846
How to improve client-side EJB lookup code 32167
How to improve MDB performance by pool size 18693
How to listen for transaction boundaries of session EJB 18203
How to Look up Object in Distributable Name Space 14979
How to Look up Object in Local Name Space 12354
How to perform a cascading delete 9590
How to restore and use a serialized EJB reference 9991
How to retrieve all active timers of a Bean 12068
How to synchronize Session Bean state with the transactions 22056
How to to serialize a reference to an EJB 8813
How to use SetSessionContext method in Session EJB 23886
How to write data access code in life cycle methods of a BMP Entity bean 13908
How to write Finalization Code in Java 69593
Inheritance and the Java Persistence API 66815
Introducing the Sun Java Streaming XML Parser 54336
Introduction to the Java Transaction API 120550
Invoking EJB logic from a JMS system 8886
J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 37668
Persisting a home object reference 16555
Reasons to isolate data access code from entity bean to a helper class 14383
Referring another bean from within the same container 7166
Referring remote bean from another container 9302
Retrieving multiple BMP entity beans in a single step 7694
Sending a notification through an e-mail 32729
Sending a P2P JMS message 33723
Sending a publish/subscribe JMS message 38865
Tip for Remote and Home interfaces of EJB 14430
Tip for remote methods in Session Bean 13749
Tip to improve performance of Entity Beans using dirty flag 14575
Tips for basic functionality of Entity Bean and its comparison with Session Bean 15148
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